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Curriculum 4-Year Plan


The first year curriculum consists of seven courses that are coordinated in organ system modules. All courses except for Physiology and Neuroscience begin in the first module, General Concepts I. Physiology begins in General Concepts II and Neuroscience is taught in the last module that begins in March.

The second-year curriculum consists of six courses coordinated in organ system modules. All courses except for Psychopathology begin in the first module, General Concepts. Psychopathology begins in late October.

The third year begins with a pre-clinical course, Clinical Foundations, which prepares students for the clinical clerkships. There are six clerkships: Family Practice, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Surgery. Medicine and Surgery are 12-weeks in length and all other clerkships are 6-weeks.

Fourth year is divided into nine 4-week periods. Students must complete 4-weeks of an inpatient selective, 4-weeks of an outpatient selective and 18 weeks in electives. There are 10-weeks available for vacation time. The 5-week Didactic Session in March-April is mandatory. There are five required didactic courses and students must also enroll in three elective didactic courses from a list of 19 elective courses.

Medical Student Year 1


Medical Student Year 2


Medical Student Year 3


Medical Student Year 4

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