Office of Education


To establish the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, to evaluate the quality and organization of the current curriculum, and to develop and recommend to the Dean of the School of Medicine strategies for implementing changes in the content, scope, and sequence of courses, selectives, and electives. The committee will make a report of its actions annually to the Assembly.


Curriculum Committee

MEDICAL SCHOOL - 2014-2015

VOTING MEMBERS: (Name/Department/Curriculum Committee Seat Designation)

Term expiring August 31, 2015
Erin Nelson, M.D. (CHAIR) Obstetrics & Gynecology (At-Large Faculty)
Jean Petershack, M.D. Pediatrics (Clerkship Director)

Term expiring August 31, 2016
Stanley Fisch, M.D. Pediatrics (RAHC)
Elizabeth Hanson, M.D. Pediatrics (Pre-Clinical)
Donna Lehman, Ph.D. Internal Medicine (Pre-Clinical)
Kevin Schindler, M.D. Internal Medicine (Pre-Clinical)
Diane Solomon, M.D. Neurology (Clerkship Director)
Brenda Talley, M.D. Psychiatry (Pre-Clinical)

Term expiring August 31, 2017
Haneme Idrizi, M.D. (VICE CHAIR) Pediatrics (Pre-Clinical)
Kevin King, M.D. Emergency Medicine (MS4 Course Director)
Kristy Kosub, M.D. Internal Medicine (Clerkship Director)
Tisha Lunsford, M.D. Internal Medicine (Pre-Clinical)
Lance McMahon, M.D. Pharmacology (At-Large Faculty)
Renee Yew, M.D. Molecular Medicine (At-Large Faculty)

Medical Students
Karl Janich MS4    
Rex Hermansen MS3    
Sarah Noble MS2    
TBD (Oct 2014) MS1    

Flossy Eddins-Folensbee, M.D.   Vice Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
Deborah Conway, M.D.   Associate Dean for Curriculum
Thomas Matthews, M.D.   Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Joshua Hanson, M.D.   Interim Asst. Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
Adela Valdez, M.D.   Assistant Regional Dean for Medical Education (RAHC)
Deb Stark, Dr.PH   UME Office Representative
Anne Delgado   Registrar

  • Design and Managment
  • Course Evaluation
  • Evaluation and Outcomes

The Curriculum Design and Management Subcommittee will continually monitor the curriculum design of all four years of medical school to include, but not be restricted to, the following aspects of mandatory and elective courses/rotations: Contact hours, pedagogy, content, assessment, etc., and bring recommendations to the curriculum committee when appropriate. Any changes to standing courses/clerkships/rotations must be presented to this subcommittee by the course director. These changes may include contact hours, pedagogy, content, grading, objectives, etc. Any new course proposals will be presented to this subcommittee.

The Course Evaluation Subcommittee will review the student evaluations, student performance, and other outcome measures of all required courses/clerkships/selectives and recommended changes when necessary.

The Curriculum Evaluation and Outcomes Subcommittee will evaluate the effectiveness of the four year curriculum as a whole, as it relates to the educational goals and objectives of this medical school.