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4-Year MD/MPH Program

The UTHSCSA School of Medicine and The University of Texas School of Public Health

In partnership with the University of Texas School of Public Health, UTHSCSA established a 4-year MD-MPH dual degree program in 2007—One of only a handful of such programs in the Nation. The goal of the program is to address the critical need for well-trained public health practitioners in Texas. A recent University of Texas System Task Force, led by Vice Chancellor Kenneth Shine, concluded that the "state of public health in Texas is poor in comparison to national averages, and is likely to further deteriorate." It called for a "shared vision" among UT institutions in order to address the "shortage of well-trained public health professionals" in our State.

 The Future of Public Health in Texas

The South Texas region UTHSCSA serves is growing rapidly: two of the 10 fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the US (Laredo and Harlingen-McAllen-Brownsville) lie along the Texas-Mexico Border. Laredo is the busiest inland port in the United States. Rapid economic growth has brought great opportunity and economic benefit to our State, but poverty, health and public health concerns pose a continuing challenge for the future. A few statistics about the Border Region: If this region were designated as the 51st State in the United States, it would rank:

  • Third in deaths related to diabetes
  • Second in deaths due to hepatitis
  • First in the number of uninsured children
  • First in children living in poverty
  • Last in access to healthcare

(According to the Health Resources and Services Administration as retrieved on 8/14/07 from:

Future physicians must not only treat individual patients, but also address underlying conditions that threaten the health of communities they serve. Medical students at UTHSCSA will be immersed in an environment where the needs are huge, learning opportunities are diverse, and their personal contributions will be valued. They will have the opportunity to study at the Regional Academic Health Center which serves the Rio Grande Valley Region and/or in Laredo, Texas. These UTHSCSA campuses offer training experiences at the border, some of which are cross-credited in both the Medical School and the School of Public Health.
To be considered for the MD/MPH program, you must first be accepted to the School of Medicine. Please see the links below for more information, and do not hesitate to contact the MD/MPH Program Coordinator at or at (210) 562-6550 with any questions concerning the program or application process.


Useful Links

Frequently Asked Questions about the 4-Year MD/MPH

The University of Texas School of Public Health
The UT School of Public Health is based in The University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center.  Public health classes for UTHSCSA’s medical students will be held at the School of Public Health’s San Antonio Regional Campus and online.

UTHSCSA Regional Academic Health Center
Students may choose to complete their 3rd and 4th year of medical school in Harlingen, TX, which is located near the U.S.-Mexico Border, a short distance from the Gulf of Mexico.

STEER (South Texas Environmental Education and Research)
STEER transforms current and future health professionals by providing a compelling, community-based, educational experience that allows them to make the connection between the environment, public health and medicine.

What is Public Health?
This website, created by the Association of Schools of Public Health, describes public health, careers in public health, and the impact of public health practice.