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The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Admissions & Outreach

Judianne Kellaway, MD, MEd, FACS
Associate Dean for Admissions & Outreach

Welcome to the Admissions & Outreach website of the University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio!


You might be visiting our Admissions and Outreach pages for various reason – whether you are just beginning to consider a life in medicine, or are ready to submit an application, we are ready with answers to your many questions. Our Admissions Team will help you explore the world of medicine, and guide you as you plan your path and prepare your application. Our School of Medicine will provide you with the highest quality education, along with all of the tools, support and mentoring you will need to have a tremendously rewarding life as a physician.


Our Admissions Committee members and interviewers are committed to a holistic review of each and every application. Holistic review as defined by the AAMC, is a flexible and individualized way of assessing an applicant’s capabilities. Balanced consideration is given to experiences, attributes, as well as academic metrics, and how the individual might contribute value as a medical student and physician..


The admissions cycle for entering class of 2018, prospective graduates of 2022, is underway! See the TMDSAS website for more details, and let us know if we can help you along the way.


We wish you all the best in your pursuit of a future in medicine.


Judianne Kellaway, MD, MEd, FACS
Associate Dean for Admissions & Outreach
Professor of Ophthalmology
Long School of Medicine at San Antonio