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Four Year MD / MPH Program

What is the MPH?
The Master of Public Health (MPH) is the most widely recognized professional degree in public health. The five core disciplines of public health are: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Social and Behavioral Health, and Management and Policy Science.


Who should earn an MPH?
If you are interested in community health, clinical research, infectious disease, health promotion, environmental medicine, global health, primary care specialties, preventive medicine, public policy or administration, you may benefit from public health training, and the MPH would be beneficial to your career path. Physicians in many different medical and surgical specialties have all benefitted from public health training.


Why should I consider this program?
You have the opportunity to earn both degrees in 4 years, saving time and money. Through our partnership with the University of Texas School of Public Health (UTSPH), you may receive 12 hours of shared credit toward the 45-hour MPH at no additional cost. You will also benefit from studying public health and medicine concurrently, and through close interaction with your MD/MPH peers.


Where is the UTSPH?
The UTSPH has a regional campus in San Antonio with full-time faculty. The campus is located less than one mile from the School of Medicine, with convenient parking. Classes are offered online and in person with instructors from San Antonio and via ITV with instructors from other SPH campuses. See the San Antonio campus website at:


Do I need to start taking public health classes this summer?
To finish the MPH in 4 years, you should plan to begin your MPH studies in the summer before you start medical school. If traveling while taking online classes, you will need reliable high-speed internet access. We recommend taking 2 online core classes in the summer (Biostatistics and Epidemiology). Because of an overlap of approximately 2 to 3 weeks where the end of the UTSPH summer semester and the beginning of medical school coincide, we do not recommend pursuing 3 MPH classes in the summer.


I’d like to earn an MPH but I’m concerned about taking on the extra load.  Can I wait to apply until after I’ve started medical school?
To be a dual degree student and earn shared credits, you must begin your MPH coursework by the Spring of MS2. Starting the program late makes it much harder to finish the degree requirements in 4 years, and you should consider taking 5 years to complete both degrees.


If I start the dual degree program, can I change my mind?
Absolutely. You will learn a lot about yourself and your career path through your studies. You may choose to exit the program, take a leave of absence, or extend the program to 5 years. You may also opt for the Graduate Certificate in Public Health, which requires the 5 core classes (16 hours).


Is financial aid available?
Typically, yes. If you are in the MD/MPH program, additional aid for MPH tuition and fees may be awarded. Many students find that they are able to pay their MPH tuition and fees out of their disbursement for medical school without requesting additional funds. Financial aid for the dual degree goes through the School of Medicine Office of Veteran Services and Financial Aid. Contact the Associate Director of Financial Aid, Ms. Ellen Nystrom at or (210) 567-2635, for individualized guidance, including the summer prior to starting your medical studies. You should always consult directly with the Financial Aid Office for correct information based upon your unique situation. The total cost for the MPH in the dual degree is under $10,000.


Can MD/MPH students train at the Regional Academic Health Center in Harlingen during MS3 and MS4?
Yes, training at the RAHC, near the Texas-Mexico Border, is popular among MD/MPH students and is a wonderful complement to your public health studies.


Can I still apply if I’m waitlisted/not admitted by the match?
You may not apply for the dual degree until admitted to the School of Medicine, but you may consider applying to the UTSPH's Non-Degree Seeking or Certificate program in order to start classes in the summer. Contact our office to learn more about this option.


How do I apply?
Students may apply to the dual degree after acceptance to our School of Medicine. The UTSPH accepts dual degree applications via the Schools of Public Health Application System (SOPHAS) at The dual degree application is due by March 1st and requires the submission of all transcripts and coursework entry (similar to TMDSAS) as well as two recommendations (electronically submitted). Please be sure to allow time for transcripts to arrive and verification of coursework. The GRE is not required for this application.

How can I learn more about the MD/MPH degree program?
Contact the MD/MPH Program Coordinator, Ms. Viola Elisco, at or (210) 562-6550. Each student has unique personal and professional goals. We are happy to discuss how the MD/MPH program can help you meet those goals and enhance your future practice as a physician.



4 - Year MD / MPH Program