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San Antonio is known the world over for its vibrant culture, laid back atmosphere and welcoming people. And the city’s unique character provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop for the ambience at the School of Medicine. You will also find a city that is genuinely excited to have you here and always in the mood to help you blow off steam when you need a break. The community closely surrounding the S chool is a great place to live with nice neighborhoods and lots to do. Whether you are into food, nightlife, outdoors, networking, shopping or sports, America’s seventh-largest city offers plenty of hands-on activities beyond the classroom.


Campus Culture -- More collaboration than competition!

While some medical schools pride themselves on an extremely competitive culture that thrives on competition, we choose to focus on teamwork. From your classmates to your professors to your attending physicians, you will find that everyone is here for one reason: to help you learn, while providing high quality patient care. The curriculum at School of Medicine is designed with collaboration in mind, and our campus culture encourages everyone to work together for mutual benefit. After all, medicine is a group effort, so we want to prepare you with similar experiences in medical school, like team projects, group study halls and co-working spaces. We believe there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, but we also recognize that no one gets through medical school without plenty of help from others. Study groups, faculty support programs and opportunities to partner with your fellow students abound at our school.


Community Involvement -- Groups and programs to make your education more rewarding
Students at the School of Medicine, as well as faculty and staff, are deeply involved in the San Antonio community in a variety of ways. Student-run free clinics allow you to gain vital experience while giving to others. Local chapters of state and national organizations enable you to join in their efforts around faith-based, cause-related and/or medical-interest missions. And if you are interested in leading or joining a community project that doesn’t currently exist at the School of Medicine, we will be happy to help you launch a new initiative or connect with one of our many community partners. Best of all, San Antonio has one of the most welcoming atmospheres when it comes to community involvement. So you will find plenty of opportunity, camaraderie and gratitude to help you make the kind of impact you are looking for.

Metropolitan variety, genuine people and plenty of culture

The SPURS!San Antonio is one of the world’s top vacation destinations and the seventh-largest city inAmerica for a reason: there is no place quite like it. You will find that our people are relaxed and friendly, our entertainment is rich and engaging, and our environment is warm and diverse. So when you have time off from school, you can spend it anyway you choose. Some of the top activities for young adults in San Antonio include floating the Comal and Guadalupe rivers, going to Spurs basketball games, hitting up local hotspots like the St.Mary’s strip and Stone Oak, going to Southtown for monthly FirstFriday art exhibits, and seeing live music at the AT&T Center and Floore’s Country Store. Whatever your interests, no other city can match San Antonio’s unique mix of energy, culture, climate and attractions. And some of the best beaches in the world are less than three hours away on famous Padre Island.