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Class of 2007

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Class Agents

Julie Rowe

San Antonio, TX

Maria “Sukie” Rayas

San Antonio, TX

John Hinchey

San Antonio, TX

Maria Falcon

San Antonio, TX



Class of 2007 Alumni Registered to Attend Reunion Weekend (as of Oct 3, 2012)

Amy Cantor

Joy Carter

Arnold DeLeon

Maria Falcon

John Hinchey
Kate Lathrop

Maria Rayas

Julie Rowe

Lauren Swords


Class of 2007 Alumni Planning to Attend Reunion Weekend (as of Oct 3, 2012)

Belinda Hernandez

Stephanie Leung

Joy Pfannstiel

Armando Ramirez

Rachel Rivera

Illeana Silva

Tres Sosa

Ian Thompson

Stanley Weight


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Anesthesia   Cardiology  
Ob-Gyn   Urology  
Ophthalmology   Dermatology  
Pediatrics   ENT  
Internal Medicine   Nephrology  
Orthopedics   Neurosurgery  
Radiology   Preventive Medicine  
Psychiatry   Public Health  
Emergency Medicine   Pulomonary  
General Surgery   Vascular Surgery  


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