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Mentored CSL Projects

What is it?

Students may choose to participate in CSL activities as part of a course, through a student organization, or individually on their own. The student is responsible for selecting a community organization with whom to collaborate as well as a mentor to help guide the project. Projects are typically related to the student's personal interest and meet a community expressed need. Examples of past CSL projects are a medication health literacy class for senior citizens, hypertension education and screening for African American men at a barbershop, and a pediatric dental sealant clinic.

View a directory of projects at:

Role of Mentor

  • Assist student in developing a well planned CSL project that includes defined objectives and measures outcome variables
  • Evaluate the service site to ensure appropriateness for the project.
  • Meet regularly with student to discuss progress of project and provide feedback
  • Engage in reflection to help ensure student is integrating project work with academic and professional understanding
  • Sign student’s service hours documentation and ensure submission of project reports
  • Assist and educate student regarding abstract and poster/oral presentation preparation and, where appropriate, manuscript preparation

Commitment of Mentor

The mentor's time spent on the project may vary but averages 10 hours total for a project. Projects vary in length but typically span a 2-12 month period. A student spends an average of 40 hours on a project, including the time for preparation and evaluation. CSL projects may take place any time during the year. Mentors are required to create an account in the CSL Online Directory, which allows students to view their profile and contact the mentor. The mentor is free to accept or decline any requests by students for mentorship. The mentor can ask to hide or remove his or her profile in the Directory at any time.

What is the process to sign up to be a mentor?

Create a "mentor account" in the CSL Online Directory:

Once a profile is created, it will be sent automatically to the CSL Director for review. The Director will evaluate the prospective mentor's profile and contact him/her if more information is needed.

For questions, email: or call Melanie Stone, MPH, M.Ed., Assistant Director of CSL, at 210-567-0795.

For more information, visit: