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Distinguished Alumni Award

The 2015 Distinguished Alumnus, Dr. Larry Driver, Class of 1980, was honored at the 2015 Reunion Weekend Alumni Gala at the Eilan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Driver currently serves as a Professor in the Department of Pain Medicine, Division of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

He was nominated by one of his past Fellows at MD Anderson for his work with Hard Hats, Little Heads, a bicycle safety and helmet distribution initiative that he conceived in 1994, as well as his mentorship and advising of medical students. He even served as a co-editor on the 3rd edition of the acclaimed textbook Decision Making in Pain Management.


The Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest honor the Alumni Association bestows upon a graduate of the School of Medicine. It is given each year to a graduate who has demonstrated the highest principles of the medical profession and has made outstanding contributions to society and the field of medicine through patient care, basic research, clinical research, and/or health services administration.

The recipient of the award receives a framed certificate. For more information about the award criteria and nomination deadline, click here.

To access the Distinguished Alumni Award nomination form, click here.

2015 Recipient
Dr. Larry C. Driver, '80

Dr. Florence Eddins-Folensbee, Vice Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, School of Medicine, 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award winner Dr. Larry C. Driver, '80 and Dr. Donald Dudley '84, Alumni Association President

Past Honorees

Year Honored



Class Year


1991 Ira J. Chasnoff, MD Pediatrics ‘73 Chicago, Illinois
1992 James C. Martin, MD Family practice ‘73 San Antonio, Texas
1993 Chris P. Johnson, MD Pediatrics ‘78 San Antonio, Texas
1994 Sandra Sabatini, MD Nephrology ‘74 Lubbock, Texas
1995 Richard J. Gray, MD Cardiology ‘70 St. Paul, Minnesota
1996 Leah Raye Mabry, MD Family Practice ‘82 San Antonio, Texas
1997 Clyde A. Helms, MD Radiology ‘72 Durham, N. Carolina
1998 C. Nanette Clare, MD Pathology ‘75 San Antonio, Texas
1999 Harold Timboe, MD Family Practice ‘78 Bentonville, Arkansas
2000 Richard A. Becker, MD   Endocrinology ‘71 San Antonio, Texas
2001 Stanley Culotta, MD Family Practice ‘78 San Antonio, Texas
2002 David R. Schmidt, MD Orthopedics & Family Practice ‘80 San Antonio, Texas
2003 Joyce G. Schwartz, MD Pathology ‘80 San Antonio, Texas
2004 Martha Medrano, MD Psychiatry ‘81 San Antonio, Texas
2005 Ronald M. Stewart, MD   Surgery/General ‘85 San Antonio, Texas
2006 Patricia Sulak, MD Obstetrics/Gynocology ‘80 Temple, Texas
2007 Joel Tsevat, MD Internal Medicine ‘83 Cincinnati, Ohio
2008 Lois Bready, MD Anesthesiology ‘77 San Antonio, Texas
2009 Jacqueline Pugh, MD Internal Medicine/Epidemiology '81 San Antonio, Texas
2010 Everardo Cobos, MD Oncology '81 Lubbock, TX
2011 Roland Goertz, MD Family Medicine '81 Waco, TX
2012 James L. Holly, MD Family Medicine '73

Beaumont, TX

2013 William W. Hinchey, MD Pathology '78 San Antonio, TX
2014 Thomas L. Matthews, MD Psychiatry '97 San Antonio, TX

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