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Make a Gift to Support Our Students

The School of Medicine Alumni Association is committed to enhancing the education experience of our medical students. To support this effort, you can choose from a range of initiatives, including the Student Education Enhancement Fund and Alumni Class Endowed Scholarships. You can learn more about these two opportunities below.

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Your gift will literally touch the lives of all current and future medical students and increase their opportunities to create new knowledge and make lives better.

Alumni Class Endowed Scholarships

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In 2010, the Alumni Association introduced a new endowed scholarship giving program to help the School of Medicine continue to recruit the best and brightest medical students throughout the nation and around the world. The Alumni Class Endowed Scholarship Program gives alumni the chance to establish named scholarships in honor of their graduating classes. In 2010, we established the Class of 1973 Endowed Scholarship and the Class of 2010 Endowed Scholarship, thanks to two gifts from Dr. James L. Holly ’73, Past-President of the Alumni Association. These scholarships will be awarded to medical students beginning in 2011.

Student Education Enhancement Fund

Back to TopIn 2012, the School of Medicine Alumni Association disbursed more than $55,000 from the Student Education Enhancement Fund. These funds directly enriched the educational experience of hundreds of medical students.

H-E-B Clinical Skills Center ($10,962)

  • Ultrasound compatible LP trainer: $2,608
  • Breast exam trainer: $1,098
  • Chest tube trainer: $1,615
  • Arthrocentesis Training Package, Ultrasound Paracentesis Training Package, and Ultrasound Thoracentesis Training Package: $5,731.70

Medical Mission Trips ($11,000)

  • Five students traveled to the Banyan in Chennai, India: $6,000
  • Six students traveled on Ethiopia Outreach medical mission trip: $5,000

Community Service Learning Initiatives ($17,500)

  • The Alumni Association sponsored 15 mini-grants in the fall of 2012. This enabled approximately 75 medical students to participate in CSL projects addressing topics such as diabetes, obesity, and minority health in San Antonio and South Texas: $7,500
  • The Alumni Association supported the CSL Poster Presentation, Awards, and Reception event at the 5th Annual CSL Conference on April 5, 2012: $5,000.
  • The Alumni Association supported 10 CSL mini-grants for 10 students to use during the Spring 2012 semester: $5,000

Alumni Association Student Lounge ($1,600)

  • The Alumni Association provided $1,600 in funding to pay for several pieces of equipment for the Alumni Association Student Lounge. These items will include:
  • A new Keurig B155 Brewing System ($149.95) and two Entertainer Samplers (each costs $59.99 and includes 96 coffees)
  • Turbo Air Model No. MUF-28 Undercounter Freezer ($1,400.53)

Tutoring Services: First Aid USMLE Step 1 Study Guides for the Class of 2015 ($8,500)

  • The Alumni Association purchased the First Aid USMLE Step 1 Study Guides for the Class of 2015: $8,500.

Summer Research ($6,000)

  • The Alumni Association funded three eight-week Summer Research Projects in 2012 at $2,000 each: $6,000.