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Facilitated Acceptance to Medical Education (FAME) Program

Medical School Curriculum

UTHSCSA School of Medicine
New Curriculum Schedule

Guidelines for New Module Structure
  • Weekly thematic content
  • Monday mornings begin with review of fundamentals, module integration and introduction of the case for the week
  • Friday mornings reserved for interactive small group case discussion, clinical reasoning/problem solving skills
  • Afternoons reserved for clinical evaluation skills with standardized and real patients

Example of Weekly Theme and Progression of Knowledge

Theme for the Week: Vessels
(this is only a sample, may not be accurate for actual module

Progression of Knowledge:
Review of pertinent fundamentals (from fall semester)→large artery function →control of vascular resistance → hypertension → anti-hypertensive medication → vasculitis → atherosclerosis → hyperlipidemia → anti-lipemic medications → coronary artery disease → myocardial infarction → interpretation of diagnostic tests → epidemiology → prevention → Friday case discussion will include EBM and translational research