Medical Faculty Assembly

Diversity Committee

CHAIR:  Dr. Janet F. Williams, M.D., FAAP

MEMBERS (voting)

Term Expires August 31, 2012
Bailey, Brigitte, M.D. Assoc. Prof./Clinical Psychiatry
Cornejo, Cynthia G. PA-C Physician Assistant NRLC
Esterl, Robert, M.D. Professor Transplant
Marez, Sylvia Staff Surgery
Owens, Williams Anthony, MS Sr. Research Assoc. Pathology
Ye, Yanping, M.D. Asst. Professor/Clinical FCM
Osadebe, Shirley Student MS3
Rodriguez, Emma, M.D. Resident OB/Gyn
Stanley, Jay M., M.D. Resident Orthopedics
Tekmal, Rajeshwar Rao, Ph.D Professor OB/Gyn
Yang, Yiting MSIV Student
Term Expires August 31, 2013
Abid, Humaira, M.D. Resident FCM
Ahmed, Hinan, M.D. Asst. Professor/Clinical Medicine
Hartman, Brandon, M.H.S.A A&P FCM/Urology
Hickey, Rosemary, M.D. Professor Anesthesiology
Jardeleza, Maria S.R., M.D. Asst. Professor/Clinical Ophthalmology
Patel, Neela K., M.D. MPH Assistant Professor FCM
Patzek, Sophie Student MSII
Ross, Tracy Rene Marketing Specialist SOM Dean's Office
Stathakis, Sotirios, PhD. Asst. Professor Rad/Onc
Term Expires August 31, 2014
Alloju, Les MSII Student
Bazaldua, Oralia V., Pharm.D. Associate Professor FCM
Duggan, Sandra Naomi, MA Assistant Director AHEC
Gonzalez, Belinda C., Director of Admissions SOM Dean's Office
Jackson, Gabrielle MSII Student
Kist, Kenneth, M.D. Asst. Professor Radiology
Knowles Dickson, Forrestine MSII Student
Mgbemena, Victoria Graduate Student Mic/Immunology
Moreland, Christopher, M.D., MPH Asst. Professor Medicine
Mustafa, Shamimunisa B., PhD. Assoc. Professor Pediatrics
Okoronkwo, Serena Michelle MSII Student
Rezaie, Salim R., M.D. Asst. Professor/Clinical
Robles, Julianna, M.D. Resident Pediatrics
Term Expires August 31, 2015
Brown, Alan, M.D. PGY-1 Pathology
Blankmeyer, Bonnie, Ph.D. Prof./Clinical Psychiatry/EO/AA
Clare, Nanette, M.D. Professor Dean's Office
Jones, David, Ph.D. Professor Dean's Office
Kobbe, Heather A., SPHR HR Generalist Lead Human Resources

Meets:  Once monthly, to be determined

Terms of Appointment:Members are appointed to a term of three years on a staggered schedule with one-third of the committee completing their term of service annually. In situations where deemed necessary for efficient committee functioning, the Medical Dean may extend or shorten the period of service by any committee member. The Associate Dean for Faculty and Diversity serves as Chair.

Membership: Faculty members, staff, house staff and students are appointed by the Dean after consideration of interest survey responses and Medical Faculty Assembly Executive Committee recommendations.

Charge: To advise and assist the Associate Dean for Faculty and Diversity in developing, updating and supporting policies and programs that advance diversity and inclusion related to the School of Medicine faculty, staff, students and other trainees, and in particular, regarding recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion. The Diversity Committee will be responsible for interacting with and have representation within all other standing committees. This Committee reports through the Associate Dean for Faculty and Diversity to the Medical Dean and the Medical Faculty Assembly.