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Pharmacotherapy Education & Research Center - PERC


The Pharmacotherapy Education and Research Center (PERC) became a center in the School of Medicine in January 2006. Prior to this, we were part of the Department of Pharmacology for 30 years. The PERC is also one of six divisions within the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy. David S. Burgess, Pharm.D., FCCP, serves as the Director of PERC and Division Head of Pharmacotherapy which consists of 11 full time faculty, ~45 part-time and/or adjunct faculty, and 10 research and office personnel.


The mission of the Pharmacotherapy Education and Research Center is to train and educate pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to provide specialty pharmacotherapeutic services including primary care and to conduct translational, transdisciplinary and other types of innovative research. The Pharmacotherapy Education and Research Center and Pharmacotherapy Division holds with equal value its efforts in the areas of research, practice and education.



The focus of pharmacy practice in the future will be on optimizing and improving patients' outcomes, promoting health maintenance, and improving quality of life. These aims will be accomplished, in part, through integrated systems designed to promote patient education and follow-up. Pharmacists will become increasingly involved in primary care, utilize physical assessment skills and prescribe under protocol. These changes in the practice environment will place pharmacists in a position to provide cost-effective pharmacotherapy. Evolutionary changes in pharmacy education and practice will require practitioners to enhance current skills, develop new skills and competencies, and advance new practice roles. Advances in the pharmaceutical sciences will continue, allowing application of increasingly sophisticated methodology in the solution of basic and applied problems relating to pharmacotherapy and health care delivery.


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