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MS4 Teaching Assistant – General Information and Responsibilities

  • You will be paid $15 for each hour that you teach.
  • You will receive an email from Kristin Hilty 1-2 weeks prior to a lab date asking for MS4 teaching assistants to sign up.  You may also contact her on your own to volunteer for a specific lab if you already know you are able to participate.  There is no minimum or maximum of labs in which you must teach.
  • The 10th edition of the Bates textbook is the required text for this course.  The history and physical exam skills taught to the ms1’s will be standardized from this textbook.  A copy of Bates will be on reserve in the Briscoe library for you to use.  In addition to Bates, you should also read the syllabus information we will send you prior to each lab.  The pages in Bates that apply to each lab will be listed.  If you have an older version of Bates, most of the material is the same but the page numbers will be different.
  • Prior to each lab you teach you also need to watch the Bates video that covers the material.  You can view the videos through the library website.
  • The ms1’s are assigned to a small group of 12-13 students/group. You will be assigned to one of these groups.  Sometimes you will work with a faculty instructor and sometimes you will work independently.  When working with a faculty member, please ask how she/she would like to organize the teaching for the lab.
  • You will teach interviewing skills.  Two labs involve students taking a history of present illness (HPI) and one lab involves students taking a more detailed history from HPI to ROS.  You are expected to stay in the role of the patient during each encounter.  The ms1’s are expected to treat you as a “real patient” to optimize their interviewing experience.
  • You will teach physical examination skills.  Use the Bates textbook and videos to review the appropriate technique for teaching the students.  The students are tested on the techniques listed in Bates.  Please follow the instructions in Bates and the syllabus closely and do not try to teach them extra maneuvers or techniques.  This can be very confusing for a first year medical student trying to learn basic skills. 
  • In labs which involve standardized patients, the students are expected to dress professionally.  We also expect the ms4 TA’s to dress professionally in these labs. 
  • Dr. Bowers is available for questions…don’t hesitate to ask.  Be prepared!  You are providing an important learning experience for the first year students.
  •  Lastly…have fun!





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