The Objectives:

    • Provide consistent advising for students across the four years of medical school.
    • Maintain an ongoing relationship (four years) with a clinical physician faculty member.
    • Maintain ongoing relationship with a group of students in one’s class.
    • Maintain ongoing relationship with a group of students in the three other classes
    • Reflection on medical school and becoming a doctor.
    • Address professionalism, medical ethics, and maturation as a physician clinician in a comfortable environment.
    • Provide practical and moral support.
    • Mentorship.
    • Personalized academic advising.
    • Facilitate communication among peers and faculty.
    • Guidance through educational resources and prospective career choices.
  • Veritas Groups
  • Veritas Events

Career Advising

  • under development .....

Careers in Medicine

  • Careers in Medicine (CiM) is a career planning program designed to help you choose a medical specialty and select and apply to a residency program. This four-phase process will guide you through the elements of career planning, including self-understanding, exploring a variety of medical careers, and finally choosing a specialty to meet your career objectives.

    • The CiM Timeline can assist you in starting and help you stay on track in the career planning process .
  • Careers in Medicine and Your School
    The program includes a password-protected Web site, a printed student guide, a quarterly newsletter, school-sponsored workshops, and advisors. While developed and sponsored by the AAMC, the program is a partnership with your medical school.
  • Careers in Medicine Web Site
    Get access to an extensive web site with information, tools and resources which will guide you through the entire program. You can:
    • Learn about making a good specialty choice through informative articles and useful tools
    • Complete online self-assessments to help you identify your values, interests, skills, personality and practice needs
    • Maintain your assessment results in a secure, confidential Personal Profile
    • Review extensive career information for over 100 specialties through the CiM Specialty Pages
    • Access decision-making tools designed to help you select a specialty and apply to residency programs
    • View timelines, sample CV's and residency interview questions to help you in applying to residency programs.
  • Choices Newsletter

    Choices is the newsletter of the Careers in Medicine program. Published in PDF format four times a year, Choices provides pertinent information about specialty choice, getting into residency, and other important guidance related to medical student career planning.