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Fundamentals, the Science, and the Clinical Implications of Food


Enrichment Elective - ELEC 5050



Danielle Frantz


Eric Bready

Class Schedule

(Classes will meet on the following days from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in room 409L)


Week 1 September 11
Week 2 September 25
Week 3 October 16
Week 4 October 30
Week 5 November 13



Course Description:

Five two-hour sessions will be held over the fall semester. There are no prerequisites or restrictions for student enrollment. The class size will be limited to 45 students.

The purpose of this course is:

  1. To introduce students to fundamental concepts in nutrition
  2. To help students create a link between basic science courses (e.g., biochemistry) and prevalent nutritional issues
  3. To demonstrate to students how academics translate their research to current practices in the field of nutrition
  4. To increase students’ awareness of diseases that they may encounter in the clinical setting that are related to nutrition
  5. To develop students’ abilities to think critically about solving nutrition-related public health problems

This course aims to covers each of the above goals in five two-hour segments. Classes will be a combination of lectures led by the course instructors and guest speakers, student-led discussions on a range of topics, and analyses of peer-reviewed journal articles. By the end of the course, students must successfully complete the challenge of researching and writing a chapter for our nutrition pocket guide designed for quick reference in a clinical setting.

Course Objectives:

This course will fulfill the following UTHSCSA Medical School Curricular Objectives and Competencies:

â–  1.3 Demonstrate respect for human dignity
â–  1.6 Demonstrate appropriate patient advocacy
â–  2.1 Demonstrate knowledge of normal structure and function of the human body
â–  2.3 Demonstrate knowledge of the clinical manifestations of common conditions and disorders
â–  2.5 Understand the basic principles of clinical and translational research
â–  2.6 Understand the epidemiology of common conditions and disorders
â–  3.7 Construct appropriate management strategies for common conditions and disorders
â–  3.10 Demonstrate the ability and commitment to continuously improve medical knowledge and skills

Course Credit:

Credit for the course will require that students attend at least 4 of the 5 class meetings, participate in the weekly discussions, and participate in the class project.