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Mentor Program

Office of Students Affairs Mentor Program promotes connections between medical students early in their educational studies, with second and/or fourth year medical students. Through informal meetings with their mentors, students can learn about didactic and clinical experiences from students who have successfully completed components of the residency.

Mentor Program Application


How does the Mentor Program work?

Students are invited to participate in the program by completing the mentor interest form and returning it either electronically to Dr. David L. Henzi at or to Office of Students Affairs. Mentors and mentees are matched as closely as possible based on their interests and backgrounds. Students may also self-select a mentor if a previous relationship has been developed with a student.

Students contact their mentors to schedule an initial appointment. It is the students decision when and where to meet. Mentors and mentees determine follow-up meeting dates. Setting up a schedule to get together periodically [e.g. twice a semester or monthly] is valuable to the mentoring relationship.

What are Some Topics of Discussion for Mentors and Mentees?

Some of the themes that students and mentors have considered include:

  • test taking
  • study skills
  • clinical rotation experiences
  • USMLE step examinations
  • juggling personal and school life

The Role of Mentoring in Career Development

Mentorship is an important component of career development which can influence one’s career path and establish long-term professional relationships. Programs like this that facilitate these relationships early in a student’s career provide a strong foundation for future success. We encourage students to take advantage of the program, and thank students in advance for their willingness to serve as mentors.