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Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)

2017-2018 Travel Award Guidelines

Purpose of supporting student travels:

At the University of Texas Health Science Center, School of Medicine at San Antonio we want our students to graduate from the school with a successful match into the residency program of their choice. They are encouraged to participate in scholarly activities and lifelong learning activities that are needed to help prepare them for their residency education training and the rest of their medical career. Students should include in their preparation for a successful residency match activities such as speaking at local or national conferences or meetings, presenting a poster, representing the School of Medicine as an officer of a student organization, or embarking on an international elective delivering healthcare around the world.


In order to be eligible for a Travel Award you must:

  • Be an active medical student
  • Texas Resident
  • Have financial need (Determined by FASFA)
  • Good Academic Standing
      A student with one or more failures is restricted from his/her UT Health Science Center of San Antonio (HSC) extracurricular activities. Activities include holding a class office, participating in research which has no credit assignment, participating in intramural sports, applying for/serving as Office of Student Life Peer Advisor, and receiving international/service/conference funding until satisfactory remediation is completed.

And, answer yes to one of the following requirements:

  • Presenting research/poster at a national/regional conference
  • Currently hold an officer position for an organization affiliated with UTHSCSA serving as a representative at a national meeting or conference. Officer position must be registered with the Office of Student Life.
  • Participating in an international clinical elective/mission work in the MD Program (International travel must be approved through the Office of International Services or Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics - CMHE)

How to apply

  1. Submit a FASFA
  2. Submit a UTHSCSA Scholarship Application
  3. Submit a complete Travel Award Request Packet to
  4. Travel Award Request Packet Contents

    • Completed Travel Award Request Form
    • Invite letter or email to present poster/research OR email acceptance of clinical elective or mission work
    • Documentation showing the expenses listed in the travel budget (ie. airfare, lodging, registration, etc.). These can be snapshots or confirmations if prior to trip and actual receipts if submitting post trip.
    • *If Applicable - an excused absence must be provided

  5. Submit a 1 page reflections essay no later than 30 days from return, on what you learned and how this experience will benefit your future career as a physician (Students who fail to submit the reflection essay may be required to return funds and become ineligible for future travel awards)

*When applying please note:

  • Requests sent on behalf of another student or incomplete packets will not be considered.
  • Travel award do not cover immunizations, medications, supplies, extra activities, personal days, or upgrades. If you are questioning the expense please include it in the other category with explanation and it will be reviewed.
    • All students must meet all criteria under "Eligibility"
    • Student must have a current FASFA and UTHSCSA Scholarship Application processed
    • Students DO NOT submit a travel award application or documentation (Award is based on the budget submitted with the GRACE application)
    • Awarding process begins once the UME office has received the trip approval email from CMHE (Jason Rosenfeld)
    • Students DO NOT need to submit a reflective essay

Process of Applications:

If intending to have funds prior to travel please keep in mind that complete processing can take up to 3 weeks from when completed packet is received. Please submit in a timely manner.

  1. All submissions are thoroughly researched. When determining awards the following is reviewed:
    • Academic status (Students experiencing academic difficulty are urged to focus primarily on academic progress and are strongly discouraged from participating in extracurricular activities)
    • Purpose of travel and supporting documentation submitted
    • The number of officers traveling per conference (Officers traveling may be limited)
    • The amount of travel awards one student has received within the academic year (July through June)
    • Per diems allocated per destination and funds from other HSC Departments, organizations, fundraising, etc.
    • Availability of travel award funds at the time of request
  2. An award amount will be determined if applicable and students will receive an email with a decision from the UME office.
  3. Awarded amounts are sent to the Financial Aid Office. Any specific questions about disbursement please contact Ellen Nystrom at or 210-567-2635


Students have the option to submit prior or post travel. If submitting prior to travel, amounts given are estimates. After an award is given any expenses incurred over the award are considered out of pocket expenses. If choosing to submit post travel, deadline to submit your request is no later than 30 days from the date you returned. No request will be reviewed past this deadline. Actual expenses are submitted on the application with documentation. Please be reminded that full awards are not guaranteed and anything not covered is considered out of pocket expenses.

*Travel Award Reminders:

  • Approved travel award amount is FINAL. Any additional costs incurred will be considered an out of pocket expense.
  • Travel awards are NOT guaranteed to cover all expenses. There will be times students will be responsible for out of pocket expenses to travel.
  • In the case trips are cancelled, the student is responsible for returning the TOTAL amount awarded for the trip. Please notify Jennifer Hernandez at
  • Various financial aid activities occur throughout the year that affect student accounts. If your student account has any holds, balances, etc. this may delay or decrease the amount of your award. You will be notified if this occurs.