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Tutoring Electives

MS IV Tutoring Elective - OPHT 4024

The Tutoring Elective consists of activities that will provide the student the opportunity to participate in Student Affairs', Tutoring Program as tutors.  Each tutor will receive training, tutor over an entire academic year, participate in weekly online activities, and receive 2 formal observations each with a follow-up conference. 

Course Goals:

  1. To introduce the fourth year medical students to research on teaching and learning, a variety of teaching strategies, writing learning objectives, planning learning activities, evaluating learning, effective communication skills, and variations in learning styles.  Students will apply this knowledge in tutoring sessions.
  2. To build a foundation and provide resources for the teaching activities the students will engage in along their career path in the future. 

Successful completion of the requirements listed below are needed to receive a pass for the course:

  • 40 hours of combined individual and group tutoring within the academic year.  Please discuss hours with Dr. Henzi if you are concerned you may not meet it.
  • Participation in 5 modules, including readings, discussion activity, and Best Practices Board posting
  • Complete both observation sessions and both on line self assessments (Learning Style Inventory and Learning and Study Strategy Inventory)
  • Complete both tutoring feedback sessions (last session will be videotape feedback) and feedback session on learning style assessments
  • Complete all components of Tutoring Orientation.
  • Completion of all requirements prior to the start of Senior Didactics (March 2013)