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Student Diversity

It is our mission to offer programs in the School of Medicine  that create and sustain a spirit  of diversity and inclusion that will further shape undergraduate medical education by fostering an environment of cultural competency, sensitivity and awareness.  All student diversity efforts are fundamentally and comprehensively rooted in intellectual vitality and cross-cultural understanding that allow our physicians-in- training to embrace and celebrate distinctive perspectives and viewpoints that enrich all members of the UTHSCSA School of Medicine.

Attention to cultural competence and cultural sensitivity throughout medical education has the potential to alleviate or at least ameliorate systemic disparities in access to and quality of health care. 

As you embark upon the life-changing undertaking of being a physician-in-training, ponder this…it is through the affirmation of one another’s experiences that we become better suited to understand each other and to achieve a greater capacity to impact the world around us.

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