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Diversity + One Mission = Excellence

Diversity in our physician work force is a national priority and your potential contributions to medicine in that vein are not lost on UTHSCSA. Diversity at our School of Medicine is defined as a community encompassing a broad variety of differing opinions, perspectives, beliefs, experiences, lifestyles, cultures, races and ethnicities that all add value to each component, thereby enriching the whole. This definition is supported by the School of Medicine's mission to cultivate a pervasive, adaptive and respectful environment promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, professionalism and opportunity. (


As you begin to consider your options for undergraduate and graduate medical education as well as your medical career, bear in mind that our Office for Diversity and Student Professional Development focuses on the development and implementation of initiatives that sustain the pluralism and inclusion that is the norm at UTHSCSA. Here, we strive to develop everyone's talents as they prepare for the demanding but rewarding field of medicine, while celebrating and appreciating the diversity each brings to our community.

Office of Diversity & Student Professional Development