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The foundational 20 month curriculum is taught in ten sequential learning modules (nine organ systems) and two longitudinal modules (language of medicine and clinical skills training). Within each module there will be progression of knowledge in a systematic fashion as follows: normal structure and function, pathogenesis/pathophysiology of the condition/disorder, clinical manifestations of the condition/disorder, pharamacotherapeutic interventions for the condition/disorder, clinical/translational research/evidence-based medicine approach for the condition/disorder, epidemiology/prevention of the condition/disorder, and interpretation of diagnostic tests. Each module has a weekly thematic content which is synthesized via a small group interactive patient case.

Overview PowerPoint (PDF)

CIRCLE Overview - Presentation Video
by Deborah Conway, M.D. & Michael Johnson, M.D.

MS1 & MS2 Curriculum


  1. Medicine, Behavior, and Society
  2. Molecules to Medicine
  3. Attack and Defense
  4. Hematology
  5. Circulation
  6. Respiratory Health
  7. Renal & Male Reproductive Disorders
  8. Mind, Brain, and Behavior
  9. Endocrine/Reproductive
  10. Digestive Health and Nutrition
  11. Musculoskeletal and Dermatology

Longitudinal Modules:

  1. Clinical Skills
  2. Language of Medicine


  • Preclinical (MS1 & MS2)
  • MS3
  • MS4