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Wellness and Mental Health


There is substantial literature that has established a decline in psychological well-being over the course of medical education (undergraduate and graduate). Proactively seeking ways to empower our students, the SOM has focused efforts on harnessing resources to immunize physicians-in-training against burnout and depression prevalent among medical students and professionals. By incorporating a wellness curriculum with peripheral initiatives to enable students to effectively manage stress, time, healthy lifestyle choices, depression, sleep deprivation and much more. The overarching goal of these initiatives is to create an ethos of wellness in which students can achieve and sustain mental, emotional and physical balance.


All mental health services for students in the School of Medicine (SOM) will be exclusively administered through the Student Counseling Center (SCC). The SCC is resourced to serve the specific and unique needs of the medical student population and ensure privacy and confidentiality. All providers in the SCC are divorced from any role in student academic performance evaluations/assessments, and services are provided free of charge.


The SCC provides psychiatric and psychological mental health services under the direction of Mia Veve, Ph.D., Director of the Student Counseling Center, and SOM psychiatrist, Julie Bailey, MD. Dr. Bailey maintains regular SCC office hours and she (or alternate physician designee) is accessible through the SCC for emergency situations.


For SCC appointments for therapy or psychiatric services, or after-hours crisis intervention, medical students should call the SCC at 210-567-2648, or visit the website.

The SCC is located in Room 101F of the Medical Building.