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School of Medicine
Non-Clinical Faculty White-Coat Guidelines


On the right side of the white coat is embroidered the School of Medicine "Academic" logo; the academic logo is comprised of the institutional logo with the added words "School of Medicine" placed at the bottom.


 On the left side of the coat, the text is centered above the pocket. Do not use a title, such as "Dr." before the name. Following the name, place credentials such, as PhD or DrPH.  On the second line, centered, should appear the department name. Do not include the word "department" in the department name.  For instance the Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy would just be Cell Systems & Anatomy.  This is an example of the embroidery that should appear on the left side of your coat:


Mary A. Jones, PhD
Cell Systems & Anatomy


When ordering, please provide Sunshine Medical Uniforms with the following information:
Faculty Name

  • First name
  • Middle initial (use a period following the initial)
  • Last name, (followed by a comma)
  • Credentials (do not use periods within the credentials)
Examples: John W. Smith, MD or Mary A. Jones, MD, PhD


Department Name
Do not use "department of" in the department name.


Placement of faculty member's name/department:

  • Left chest, above pocket. If space permits, center embroidery within space directly above pocket, allowing a 1/4" margin on each side.
  • Font: Arial block font is used.
  • Font Size: Faculty names should be 1/2" high and department name should be 3/8” high.
  • Case:  Use upper and lower case for text.
  • Thread color:  Black to match words in logo.

Our embroidery vendor, Sunshine Medical Uniforms, also sells the white coats. Their employees are aware of and uphold all white-coat protocols and also sell coats in both suit sizes and in small/medium/large/X sizes.
This vendor is located right across the street from the Nursing School on Louis Pasteur.


Sunshine Medical Uniforms
7330 Louis Pasteur


When placing an order for a coat to be embroidered, please specify the version of the logo; Sunshine handles logo protocols for all our schools and the other clinical practices and there are multiple versions of our logo that are utilized. For all non-clinical School of Medicine faculty members, please specify that the logo to be used is the School of Medicine "Academic" logo.  The academic logo is comprised of the institutional logo with the added words “School of Medicine” placed at the bottom.


Thank you for your support of our rebranding initiative. Should you have any questions please contact Nancy Shaw, senior executive director for communications, 567.0729,; or Jennifer Bittle, creative director, 567.2580,