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RAHC Academic Faculty White Coat Guidelines

SOM Logo In support of the University's branding effort and to initiate a consistent, professional image, the School of Medicine (SOM) requires that all new academic (education or research) faculty white coats display the five-color hexagon School of Medicine logo. Future white coats for education or research faculty can be embroidered or carry a patch. This is a department decision. If a faculty member elects to have an embroidered coat, please follow the guidelines below. A patch can be obtained from Linen Services as the coat is ordered. Embroidered coats with the new logo on the right and will include the faculty name and department on the left. The Office of the Medical Dean has created this website which includes specific guidelines and links on obtaining plain white coats, direct embroidery specifications, embroidery sources, etc. We recommend that all faculty obtain at least one new coat as soon as possible for use in any promotional opportunities

A plain white coat should be obtained through any white coat vendor and the coat style will be the faculty's personal choice. If ordering coats from Linen Services, the "ID Label only (no patch)" box should be checked, so that no patch is sewn on the coat. Academic faculty coats can be directly embroidered or carry the patch. Linen Services will have new coats collared for inventory. The plain white coat(s) should be directly embroidered by one of the approved vendors in the list referenced below. Negotiations regarding bulk pricing and pickup/delivery can be discussed with each vendor. Pre-worn plain white coats must be laundered before sending to the embroidery vendor.

Other support staff who wear white coats such as laboratory assistants, technicians, etc. may choose to use the School of Medicine logo patch instead of having direct embroidery on their white coats. This decision will be that of the department/center's. Linen Services does have SOM logo patches available to be added to the right side of the coat for these purposes. As old coats are retired, please return them to Linen Services for proper disposal.

Thank you for support of the new brand representing our School and for helping build and unify our marketing efforts internally and externally. Please contact either Dr. Jan Wilson ( or 7-4433) or Bridget Hendrix ( or 7-4437) with any questions or concerns. Thank you!



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