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David Jones, PhD
David Jones, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Admissions

Welcome to the admissions website of the University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio. I am very pleased to provide information concerning the admissions process and updates on this year’s application cycle. The Admissions Committee is currently evaluating applications for the Class of 2018.  Interviews will be conducted on Mondays starting Aug. 12th, 2013 through Jan. 13th, 2014.  Applicants are being selected to interview based on both academic (coursework grades and MCAT score) and non-academic qualifications. All of these qualifications are listed on the admissions website along with important additional information.

Starting with the entering class of 2014, applicants will be able to apply to both the San Antonio Clinical Education Campus (CEC) and South Texas CEC through the TMDSAS application process. Applicants will indicate on the TMDSAS application their intent to apply to both programs and will be interviewed in San Antonio for positions at both CECs. A separate interview for South Texas CEC positions is not required. Positions at the South Texas CEC will be filled through the TMDSAS match and not through rolling admissions. Fifteen students will be selected through this process for the South Texas CEC and thereafter on a rolling basis until matriculation.

Further application information is available on the Texas Medical Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) website (

Best wishes to all applicants to the University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio.  Should you have questions not addressed by our website or the TMDSAS website, please email me at