Merit Award (MS1, 2, 3 & 4)






To recognize the academic excellence, leadership, and service of students at the School of Medicine.



Recipients will be chosen using the following criteria:

  1. Nominee must be currently enrolled as a student at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Medicine.
  2. Nominee’s minimum GPA at the time of selection must be 3.0. 
  3. Selection should be based on the student’s academic excellence, leadership, and exemplary service.  Students must be involved in this service during their attendance at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Medicine.
  4. Previous recipients of an Alumni Association Merit Award are not eligible.

Nomination Materials and Instructions

Students may be nominated by classmates/other medical students, faculty, or deans. No self-nominations are accepted. Nominator must submit a nomination packet consisting of:

  • A complete Merit Award nomination form, signed by the nominator and nominee
  • The nominator’s 250-word written statement about the importance of the nominee’s service
  • The nominee’s 250-word personal statement about the importance of performing service during medical school
  • The nominee’s CV


NOTE: If the nominator is a student, a 250-word faculty letter of recommendation is also required.  If a faculty member or dean nominates a student, the nominator’s written statement will suffice for the faculty letter.

The deadline for submission is March 6.

Please submit your packets electronically to the Alumni Affairs Office at



The recipients of this award are selected based on the recommendations of the Alumni Association’s Awards Committee, with final approval by the Dean of the School of Medicine and/or the Associate Dean of Student Affairs


Note: Award selections will take into consideration nominees’ financial need.



Final selection will be made by March 15. MS4 recipients will be notified at that time and will receive the award at the annual Senior Graduation Dinner and Awards Ceremony in March. MS1-MS3 recipients will be notified by May 31, but they will receive their awards during Reunion Weekend in October.



Recipients receive a $1,500 check and a framed certificate.