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Faculty Separation and Retirement

ANY FACULTY MEMBER may 'separate from UTHSCSA employment' by voluntarily resigning or starting retirement.


  • A faculty member may resign in good standing as governed by the UTHSCSA Ending Employment Policy: HOP 4.5.6 'by submitting reasons for leaving in writing to his/her administrative official at least two (2) calendar weeks prior to the effective date of resignation.' The academic home department's responsibility (HOP 4.5.6) is immediate initiation of the termination process with Human Resources, including proper preparation and submission of the Employee Separation Form, completed by the terminating employee whenever possible.
  • UTHSCSA Office of Human Resources: Separation Process


  • Call your HR Benefits Advisor
  • Set a date
  • Contact Faculty Life Office

Faculty chooses to retire - Call your HR Benefits Advisor

Faculty with Tenure may choose Phased Retirement


PHASED RETIREMENT for faculty with tenure