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Faculty Termination

Tenured Faculty Member

Tenure Track Faculty Member

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Member

  • Academic Titles: HOP 3.1.1
    • Non-Tenure Track titles:  "Appointment to these titles is for a stated period of time not to exceed one academic year. Such appointments shall terminate upon expiration of the stated period without notification. Reappointments may be offered to individuals holding these titles." Based on UT System Regents™ Regents™ Rules and Regulations, Rule 31001: Faculty Appointments and Titles."
    • Although no notice of termination is required by official policy, providing as much advance notice as possible demonstrates appropriate professionalism, kind consideration and respect.
    • Any written notice should be succinct in point similar to the Tenure Track Termination Letter and discussed with faculty member in advance of delivery of the written notice. The recommendation for any “Good luck” and “Thank you” sentiments it to deliver them separately.
    • Document and date any faculty termination discussions and written notices and keep on file in the department.
  • Termination for Good Cause before the expiration of the stated period of appointment.