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Office of Undergraduate Medical Education

LCME Institutional Self-Study

Self-Study Subcommittee 3

The subcommittee will examine existing data, evaluations and information documented in the Data Collection Instrument (DCI) to analyze programmatic strengths and challenges in the context of the accreditation standards. The subcommittee will compose a report summarizing these areas, along with recommended actions to resolve any identified program deficiencies in meeting LCME Standard 3: Academic and Learning Environments.





LCME Standard 3:

A medical school ensures that its medical education program occurs in professional, respectful, and intellectually stimulating academic and clinical environments, recognizes the benefits of diversity, and promotes students’ attainment of competencies required of future physicians.



Chair:  Jennifer Potter, PhD, MPH; Associate Professor (Psychiatry) & Associate Dean for Research
Vice Chair:  Krista Bowers, MD; Assistant Professor (Medicine)


  1. Chiquita Collins, PhD; Vice Dean for Diversity & Inclusion
  2. Robert Esterl, MD; Professor (Surgery) & Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
  3. Belinda Gonzalez, Director Admissions & Special Programs (UME)
  4. John Kaulfus, EdD;  Chief Student Affairs Officer & Title IX Director
  5. Jill Krapf, MD; Assistant Professor (Obstetrics)
  6. Phyllis MacGilvray, MD; Associate Professor (Family Med)
  7. Christopher Moreland, MD, MPH; Associate Professor (Medicine)
  8. Lori Pounds, MD; Associate Professor (Surgery)
  9. Kristen Rogers, Medical Student (GS-4, MD/PhD program)