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Office of Undergraduate Medical Education

LCME Institutional Self-Study

Self-Study Subcommittee 6

The subcommittee will examine existing data, evaluations and information documented in the Data Collection Instrument (DCI) to analyze programmatic strengths and challenges in the context of the accreditation standards. The subcommittee will compose a report summarizing these areas, along with recommended actions to resolve any identified program deficiencies in meeting LCME Standard 6: Competencies, Curricular Objectives and Curricular Design.





LCME Standard 6:
The faculty of a medical school define the competencies to be achieved by its medical students through medical education program objectives and is responsible for the detailed design and implementation of the components of a medical curriculum that enable its medical students to achieve those competencies and objectives. Medical education program objectives are statements of the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes that medical students are expected to exhibit as evidence of their achievement by completion of the program.



Chair:  Barbara Taylor, MD, MS; Associate Professor (Medicine); Assistant Dean, MD/MPH Program
Vice Chair:  Ameet Nagpal, MD; Assistant Professor (Anesthesiology)   


  1. Renee Brown, PhD; Director, Curriculum Management (UME)
  2. Deborah Conway, MD; Professor (OB/GYN); Associate Dean for Curriculum
  3. Diane Ferguson, R.N., B.S.N; Director of Clinical Skills Center
  4. Leah Jacobson, MD; President, Bexar County Medical Society
  5. Chisato Nishikawa; Medical Student (Class of 2020)
  6. Sarah Page-Ramsey, MD; Associate Professor (OB-GYN)
  7. Omid Rahimi, PhD; Associate Professor (Cell Systems & Anatomy)
  8. Melanie Stone, MEd, MPH; Assistant Dir of Community Service Learning (CMHE)