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Office of Undergraduate Medical Education

LCME Institutional Self Study

Independent Student Analysis (ISA)


image_studentsThe Independent Student Analysis (ISA) is a critical component of the self-study process. At the same time that the school initiates its self-study process, the student ISA team will begin an independent review of relevant topic areas, including such things as the medical education program, student services, the learning environment, and the adequacy of educational resources. The student analysis is synthesized into a report that includes analysis of results of a student opinion questionnaire and interpretation of the findings.


The Independent Student Analysis is guided by the LCME Guide: Role of Students in the Accreditation of Medical Education Programs in the US for Full Accreditation (pdf), but students will have the flexibility to include survey questions relevant to our school and institution.


ISA Taskforce Members

We are grateful to the following students for committing their time to this critical part of the LCME Self Study. If you have questions about the process, please contact one of them directly.


image_Abraham Bankole

Abraham Bankole
Class of 2020

image_Cameron Crane Cameron Crane
Class of 2020
image_Samantha Mallex Samantha Mallec
Class of 2018
image_John Martinez John Martinez
Class of 2018
image_Lara Slesnick

Lara Slesnick
Class of 2020

image_Ben_Upton Benjamin Upton
Class of 2019
image_Chloe Woodington Chloe Woodington
Class of 2018