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MD/PhD - Admissions

Admission Decision

“The Program Director is the advocate for each of the applicants.  Decisions for admission are made after careful and holistic review of the interviewed applicants by the Admissions Committee. We value a passion for biomedical science research, curiosity and persistence.” After October 15th, our MD/PhD program may extend initial offers of acceptance in a rolling manner but in a limited number. By December 31st, applicants will be notified via email of their MD/PhD status as to whether they are accepted, waitlisted, or rejected. Applicants interviewed in January will be notified of their status two weeks after the interview.

Applicants may accept offers from more than one medical school or MD/PhD programs. Applicants who are Texas residents might also participate in the match for the MD programs without the risk of an offer being withdrawn by our MD/PhD program. To participate in the MD program match, the applicant must be a legal resident of Texas, have submitted an application to TMDSAS, and have been interviewed at least one medical school. These applicants, even if accepted into any MD or DO only program, may still be accepted into our combined MD/PhD program should an offer be extended after the match but before the beginning of orientation at the medical school that the applicant matched. For more information about the MD program match, please review the TMDSAS website.

In fairness to all applicants, a candidate who receives more than one offer should decline any offer from a school that he/she definitely does not plan to attend as soon as that decision is made. Offers of acceptance should only be considered valid if an acceptance letter is received. Verbal offers of acceptance or ranking are not binding to either the applicant or medical schools. After April 30th, applicants holding acceptances to more than our MD/PhD program must choose the specific school or program at which the applicant prefers to enroll and withdraw his/her application, by written electronic correspondence from our or other programs from which acceptance offers have been received. Applicants in the alternate list will be notified electronically typically between April 15th and May 15th. Our first day of class is June 1st with a 6 week laboratory rotation prior to the start of the MS-1 curriculum.