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MD/PhD - Students

Class of 2015


Josephine Thinwa, MD, PhD

  • PhD Project: Modulation of IL-18 secretion from the gut epithelium by Yersinia toxins (Microbiology and Immunology)
  • PhD Mentor: Peter H. Dube
  • Undergraduate: Southwestern, BS
  • Postgraduate Residency: UT Southwestern – Internal Medicine Training Program (Immunology/Infectious Diseases)

Adam Rossano, MD, PhD

  • PhD Project: Neuronal Activity Drives Presynaptic pH Regulation: Insights from Live Fluorescent pH-Imaging in Drosophila Melanogaster Motor Nerve Terminals (Physiology)
  • PhD Mentor: Gregory T. MacLeod, PhD
  • Undergraduate: UT Austin, BS
  • Postgraduate Residency:
    • Mayo Clinic – Post-Doc (Physiology)
    • Johns Hopkins University – Internal Medicine Training Program (Psychiatry)

Diana Villarreal , MD, PhD

  • PhD Project: Effect of Spatial Proximity on Chromosomal Translocations (Molecular Medicine)
  • PhD Mentor: Sang E. Lee, PhD
  • Undergraduate: University of Arizona-Tucson, BA
  • Postgraduate Residency: Baylor CMSA (Pediatrics/Genetics)