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MD/PhD - Program Information

Financial Support

Financial support includes a stipend throughout all medical school years and tuition, fees, and fringe benefits provided through all years of enrollment. This support is derived from the MD/PhD program. During the graduate school phase, supervising professors are expected to provide stipend support as well as tuition and fees. There is an annual stipend of $26,000 provided for the duration of the program including the last two years of medical school. The Biomedical Engineering program annual stipend is $21,000 during the graduate school years. However, the MD/PhD Program will compensate the extra $5,000 to commensurate the $26,000 stipend for the BME Program. Upon re-entry into medical school, support is provided for four semesters. The MD/PhD program also provides for tuition and fees during all years within the medical school phase of the program.