MD/PhD - Admissions


Applicants are invited for interviews between late August and the end of December.  Our interviews are a combined effort with the MD-program of the School of Medicine in an intensive 2-day setting on Thursday-Friday.  We value a passion for biomedical science research, curiosity and persistence.  The MD/PhD Program Coordinator will be emailing itineraries before or on interview dates. The structure of a typical combined interview is as follows:

12:00PM – 1:15PM - Lunch with current students.


1:15PM-3:30PM -MD/PhD Interviews



3:45PM - 4:30PM- Tour of facilities (STRF, GCCRI and RII)


4:30PM- Check in to hotel


6:30PM- Dinner with Program Director, faculty and current students.


7:30AM–8:00AM- Continental breakfast and program presentation.


8:00AM – 9:10AM- Chalk Talk Presentations given by applicants – An informal 5-7 minute presentation is given to several of your interviewers about one of your previous research projects and goals.


9:15AM-1:30PM- SOM Interview


1:45PM – 4:15PM - MD/PhD Interviews with MD/PhD Program Director and Associate Program Directors.


4:15PM – 5:00PM -Exit Interviews


7:00PM Optional Dinner with current students.


The San Antonio airport is about 15 minutes away from campus, and security lines often take 20 minutes or less.  Parking on campus is provided.  When we schedule your interview, we will provide you with additional information.  We make an effort to provide student housing for MD/PhD candidates only, which is coordinated by our elected MD/PhD Student Council.  Accepted applicants will be offered a second visit in March of the year of planned enrollment. Travel and hotel expenses are paid for by the MD/PhD Program according to UT system policies.


More about the Chalk Talk:
It is a verbal presentation without slides about one of your research projects in front of your interviewers and with no students or applicants.  The intent is that you don't have to keep repeating the same thing to each of your interviewers, but that you get into a more meaningful discussion, because they heard you talk about one of your experiences and goals.  No powerpoint presentations are allowed, but you are given a Magic Marker (rather than chalk) and a board to draw if you need.  You can bring your notes, and only one figure in a letter size.  Take one of your research experiences and expand it a bit.  You could briefly discuss the main question or hypothesis, what type of experiments you did, which led to a particular outcome in terms of answering that question, and perhaps, presentations or publications.  The presentation is intended to be 5-7 minutes of duration starting with your prior research and ending on broadly what field or area you want pursue in your PhD research.  This is followed with about 3-5 min of brief questions (not about “grilling” your understanding as a PhD qualifier might be) from the 4-6 interviewers (with goal of up to 10 min per applicant).  We want to know what you did and why; we are not that interested in what the lab does.


Hotels near by UTHSCSA:

Motel 6 | P: 210-616-0030 | 0.1 miles from UTHSCSA (NO Shuttle)
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Medical Center North | P: 210-561-9058 | FREE Shuttle service
Spring Hill Suites | P: 210-737-6086 | FREE Shuttle Service
Courtyard San Antonio Medical Center