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Brett Ipson: Making a Difference in Children's Lives


Meet the Researcher: Jill Heisler Talks about Neuroscience and the MD/PhD Program


MD/PhD Student Mariam Ishaque Researches Austism


Greg Aune, MD,PhD in the San Antonio Express News on Childhood cancer survivor active in Obama's 'precision medicine' effort.You can read more on


Dual seeds led to MD/PhD
Our very own MD/PhD student Eithan Kotkowski (MS2) talks about how he had an epiphany and realized as he promoted science to his elementary school pupils, that he needed to pursue his own passion for science.  Working as a second grade bilingual teacher at a low-income elementary school in south Austin he volunteered to help at the school science fair where he showed a video to his students about the Google Science Fair winners. This then led Eithan to pursue his own passion and was accepted at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio MD/PhD Program in May 2013 and began lab rotations that summer. You can read more on Eithan Kotkowski’s story on


Saving pediatric cancer survivors
Greg Aune MD, PhD, pediatric oncologist and a student mentor for UTHSCSA MD/PhD Program talks about how he has dedicated his life to conducting research on the basic science of cardiac disease in pediatric cancer survivors.  Being that Dr. Aune was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma as a child, his experience then led him into pediatric oncology and to an interest with the health problems that are connected to cancer survivorship that occur afterwards. Dr. Aune’s plan is to begin developing new medications that will prevent damage to the vulnerable organs that result in late health effects in cancer survivors. You can read more on Dr. Aune’s story on


Grant News

Vinh A. Dao (GS3) was named as the recipient of the 2015 Jess Hay Endowment for Chancellor's Graduate Student Research Fellowship in September. Vinh will receive a $10,000 award which will enable him to use to support his educational endeavors while a graduate student at UTHSCSA.


Justin M. Drerup (GS2) was recently awarded the Translational Science Training (TST) TL1 grant for a 1 year fellowship, which will pay for the majority of his stipend and tuition.


Tiffani Houston (GS3) received her R36 grant proposal titled "Endocrine Disruption in the Aging Urothelium" from the NIA and was selected for award which will begin funding 9/11/14, and will support her for her last 2 years.


Vinh A. Dao (GS3) Translational Science Training (TST) TL1 grant from the Institute of Integration of Medicine and Science, UTHSCSA and was also the 8th participant who was awarded the F30 grant.


Jessica A. Zavadil (GS3) was awarded the CPRIT Predoctoral Fellowhip grant in May and will be endowed starting in August and will continue to be funded for the next 2 years.


In 2014, the UTHSCSA MD/PhD program has received 8 NIH F-series individual training fellowship awards (7 F30 and 1 F31) keeping our program among the top 10 MD/PhD programs in the country out of 110 MD/PhD programs, as ranked by the ratio of NIH F30 awards per MD/PhD student in the program. There are just over 400 F30 awards and the national census of MD/PhD students is about 5,100.




MD/PhD Student Publications (2013-2014)


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