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2014 White Coat Ceremony

2013 White Coat Ceremony



Eric B. Baeuerle - Rice University

Andy Q. Banh - California State University

Cassandra Leonardo - New York University

Daniel B. Shropshire - St. Louis University

Jacob T. Boyd - University of North Texas


Laura Caflisch, BS - Texas A&M University, Interested in Computational Neurobiology

Nathan Gay, Brigham Young University, Interested in Cancer Biology

Brian Iskra, BS -CUNY at Staten Island, Interested in Biochemistry

Eithan Kotkowski, BS - Univ. of Texas at Austin, Interested in Human Neuroimaging

Alex Kramer, BS - Duke Univ., MS – Univ. of Michigan, Interested in Biology of Aging


Casual Events

2016 7th Annual Retreat

2015 6th Annual Retreat

2014 5th Annual Retreat

2013 4th Annual Retreat

2012 3rd Annual Retreat