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MD/PhD - Students

MD/PhD Student Council Representatives


Every year, MD/PhD students elect a member from each class to serve on the MD/PhD Student Council. The Student Council has various responsibilities including organizing the annual retreat, assisting with recruitment efforts and interviews, organizing social events, helping to edit MD/PhD Newsletters and Student Handbook, and providing student representation at the Steering Committee and Admissions Committee.

SC 15-16

MD/PhD Student Council 2015-2016

The members for the 2015-2016 MD/PhD Student Council are (L-R): Arpan Satsangi (MS3), Peter Starr (MS4), Daniel Shropshire (MS2), Laura Caflisch (GS1), Petra Jans (MS1), Justin Drerup (GS3), Curt Clark (GS2) and Karl Li (GS4).




MDPhD Student Council 2014-15

MD/PhD Student Council 2014-2015

The members for the 2014-2015 MD/PhD Student Council are (L-R): Vinh A. Dao (GS3), Jacob T. Boyd (MS1), Alex Kramer (MS2), Katie Hinchee-Rodriguez (GS4), Brett Ipson (GS1), and Chris Kim (GS2).

Not pictured are Jade A. Zhou (MS3) and Josephine W. Thinwa (MS4).


MD/PhD Student Council 2014-2015

MD/PhD Student Council 2013-2014


The MD/PhD Student Council in 2013-2014 consisted of (L-R): Mariam Ishaque (GS1), Will Lavery (MS4), Jeff Cooney (MS2), Josephine Thinwa (MS3), Rae Jamshidi (GS3), and Nathan Gay (MS1).


Not pictured are Tiffani Horton (GS2) and Jill Heisler (GS4).



MD/PhD Student Council

MD/PhD Student Council 2012-2013


The MD/PhD Student Council in 2012-2013 consisted of (L-R): Trevi Ramirez (MS1), Jessica Zavadil (GS1), Adam Rossano (GS4), Angela Boyd (MS4), David Melton (GS3), and Justin Drerup (MS2).


Not pictured: Joe Walch (MS3), Susie Thibodeaux (MS4), and Elena Wisely (GS2)