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The dual degree program is a seven-year program, in which students complete two years of School of Medicine and then embark full-time on their PhD dissertation research for three years. It is anticipated that the requirements for the PhD degree, including dissertation research, will be completed during the following three years, after which students will complete the final two years of School of Medicine. Flexibility has been built into the program in several areas.

For example, students will conduct laboratory rotations during their first two years of School of Medicine and it is anticipated that many of the School of Medicine basic science courses will satisfy graduate school course requirements. In addition, students will participate in a Bench-to-Bedside course throughout the program, which is designed to engage them functionally in the major premise of this dual degree program, which is to educate and provide a rich experiential learning environment for the next generation of physician-scientists. Towards the end of the graduate school years, students will take a 6-month long course to provide for a smooth transition into their clinical training years. Time is provided during the fourth year of School of Medicine should students require additional time to complete their dissertation research including defense of their dissertation.

Students will select their laboratory rotations, their graduate program affiliation and their supervising professors from an outstanding array of distinguished members of the graduate faculty derived from both the Medical and Graduate Schools with the advice and approval of the Director and the MD/PhD Program Advisory Committee.