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Transplant Testimonial BannerPatti Ruffin

A few years ago, Patti Ruffin was suffering from polycystic kidney disease (PKD). This inherited disease causes cysts to form on the kidney. The organ enlarges over time and eventually fails, making dialysis and a kidney transplant the only hopes for survival.


One day Ruffin, who works in the Department of Surgery, mentioned her condition to a fellow co-worker at the time, Julie Reineke. Reineke volunteered to find out if she would be a compatible donor. She was, and the surgery was performed in December 2005 by the Health Science Center transplant team of Glenn Halff, M.D., Robert Esterl, M.D., and Greg Abrahamian, M.D. "Now my health is perfectly normal," Ruffin said. (A photo of Dr. Halff, Reineke, Ruffin and Dr. Abrahmian is the featured photo on the employee portal.)


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