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School of Medicine

The School of Medicine’s basic bedside ultrasound curriculum will extend over all 4 academic years.  The curriculum will focus on hands-on training using live and simulation models with associated supplementary didactics.


Years 1 & 2

During the basic science curriculum in the first 18 months of medical school, students will use ultrasound to visualize different body systems to better understand normal anatomy and physiology.  A multifaceted approach to teaching anatomy using gross dissection and bedside imaging will solidify students’ understanding of anatomy. 

  • Introduction to Bedside Ultrasonography and Knobology
  • Lungs and Pleura
  • Cardio
  • Bladder, Kidneys, and Female Reproductive Organs
  • Aorta and IVC
  • Soft Tissue and MSK


Year 3

During the clinical curriculum in the middle half of medical school, students will have the opportunity to visualize specific types of pathology, practice performing ultrasound-guided procedures, and appreciate how bedside ultrasound guides clinical decision-making.

  • Emergency Medicine Clerkship
  • Medicine Clerkship
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship


Year 4

During the final year of medical school, students will have the opportunity to participate in ultrasound electives to prepare them for their future graduate medical training.

Program Coordinator, Senior